Sunday, April 20, 2008

Second Self

In The Second SelfComputers and the Human Spirit by Turkle Sherry, author looks at the computer as a part of our social and psychlogical lives. She talks about technology which changes people's mind and their relationship with the world. The question we should face is What kind of people are we becoming? She talks to children, young people as well as with adults. She asks children if computers have own mind and what is life, what happens when people consider the computer as a model of human mind? Experts argue whether or not computers will become 'artificial intelligences', capable of antonomous, humanlike thought. She talks to hackers as well. Hackers have own culture and we can find a lot of hacker's thoughts about their lives in the book. People built strong relationship with mashines, "When my Palm crashed, it was like a death. I thought I had lost my mind." . This book is very good written. I very like direct speeches of different kind of people. It makes book very interesting and unusual.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

media profile...

I am stydying media communication so for me it is very necessary to use everything what is possible for me in media area. I mean laptop, mobile, printer, internet and so on...
It is just two weeks I have got external USB WD Sync with 250GB. My memory in my laptop was absoluty full of music, movies, files, applications games.
I play (when I have a time with friends or alone games) so PS2, nintendo or in my laptop.
I am now in Sweden so I see my family and friends via camera in my laptop. I have got music from my friend who is DJ, but sometimes I have a look at or For sharing stuff with friends i have a look at, or . I think that skype is better working than msn.
For studying is very important for me to use Lingea, digital translator. It is much more quicklier than searching in books.
If I have to read a book I am not reading it via laptop. Only magazine and news. Television I don't like because 'nothing is there'. And here in Sweden I don't understant language. I like to watch or

Monday, January 28, 2008

My mobile phone...

My mobil phone is Nokia 6120 classic, I very like this mobile. I searched on internet and i found out that it is smallest and lightest Symbian smartphone on the market with measuring 105 x 46 x 15 mm and weighing 89 grams.
Model is multitasking, has 20megabites free RAM, internal and external memory. I have 2GB miscoSD memory card because of music, videos, applications. But almost only for images. Camera has 2megapixels and has also flash for videophone calls. This model runs very fast 369 mhz, and it is very good, applications run very quicky, so you don't have to wait.
Actually, I am not using internet here in Sweden. But at home yes. The 6120 classis has the 3G network. It has build-in web browser, Fash and Javascript content, bult-in application such as msn, icq and so on. You can also very easily zoom in and out of pages. It is great.
I am very ofter using built-in applications as Adobe PDF viewer, Quickoffice viewer. As a connection between my laptop an mobile I turn on bluetooth.
I am using my mobile every day for sms, mms and images, videos with friend for sharing. My camera is better. Has 7.1megapixels and 5x optical, but i don't have my camera everywhere with me. This is reason why I so much like my mobile :)